Welcome to our website

We are a family owned and operated business Todd, Zach, Deizel, and Austin from Palm Coast, Florida. Our goal isn’t to re-invent the wheel on each build but to create unique ride-able bike with custom flair at affordable prices.

Todd is the father and has been around motorcycles since the age of 9 and was taking apart everything he could get his hands on, I guess you could say he was a gear head from birth (or damn close).

He started building bikes for other people and even had a small motorcycle junk yard where he taught the boys how to take bikes apart and what the parts names were.

Our building and fabricating passion has never left us and we continue to build bikes in every bit of spare time we have available.

We’re glad you’ve taken the time to search us out on the internet, or stumbled upon our website from some other source.

The builds within represent countless hours in the garages of the U.S. – we hope you enjoy the bikes as much as we enjoyed making them. Watch for them on the streets of a neighborhood near you.

Interested in a build for yourself? We can always discuss new projects and get you added to the list, just use our handy contact form below to get in touch. Cheers!