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Everyone loves a finely-made, custom motorcycle which whizzes past with oodles of attitude and extra horsepower. And everything gets a bit better when you are the one riding the big, bad machine. You might consider yourself to be ‘motorcycle-pedia’, but do you know the different types of motorcycles that are popular around the world? Let’s have a look, shall we?


1. Café Racers


Café Racers are easily distinguishable and they stand out in the crowd because of their low, clip-on handlebars, large tanks, and lightweight frame. These bikes are engineered to enable the riders to tuck themselves in, thus lowering resistance against the wind and enhancing control over the bike’s movements. This powerful motorcycle prioritizes speed over comfort and you can also easily convert a street bike into a Café Racer.

Of British origin, this bike became the talk of the town in the sixties because it exuberated a sense of rebellion and was in a class of its own, unlike the mass-produced cars of that time. Young people were increasingly getting hold of disposable incomes and they woke up to the idea of customizing their motorcycles to hop from one cafe to another, each one of which dotted the ever-expanding road network. This bike is still going strong to this day.



2. Bobbers


Who doesn’t love a powerful bob-job motorcycle? These classic bikes became cool in the U.S in the 1930s but the Australians and the English were pretty fast when it came to engineering bikes similar in design.

What sets Bobbers apart from the rest of the custom motorcycles? Its hair-raising sound, of course! Apart from that, a Bobber exudes attitude and charm because of its aesthetic, no-nonsense, sleek look.

Usually a single-seater, Bobbers can be identified by their sloping chassis, low slung frame, and minimalistic design. This bike rose to popularity again when men who served in the Second World War modified their ex-military Harleys, wanting to lend a unique touch to these factory-produced motorcycles.

Get in touch with a custom motorcycle specialist if you want to build one from scratch.

Apart from these legendary custom motorcycles, there are choppers, flat trackers, rat bikes, art bikes and so on. We will cover all of them soon! Do you have a “Dream Bike Design”? Well, it’s time to have a coffee with Lost Souls Cycles team. Contact us today & get a free quote.