Rat Ass Bikes

Rat bikes have been a passion of our fathers for many many years the man just love taking scrap (junk lol) and turning it into something special and different, although this bike isn’t technically a rat bike per say, it has a frame off a old Yamaha that we fabricated to fit the honda motor and all the parts came from other bikes and thrown together to create this bobber. In the past my dad would take old rebar and make foot pegs or sissy bars and fenders out of them, tools omg he takes wrenches and makes foot pegs, sissy bars, seats, shifters, and just the craziest ratty things you can think of.

Anyways if Your interested in getting a one of a kind rat bike built my dads the guy to call. Right now he is about to do a video series where he builds a rat bike from scrap stuff laying around the shop and of course he is going to showcase it in live events and videos on our website and social media venues.  click here to watch him build one.


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